Multcolib My Librarian Matt: 10 records that changed my life

Bee Thousand
Bee Thousand By Guided by Voices (Musical group) Music CD - 1994 CD Popular GUIDEDBYV Available in some locations

Annotation:Guided by Voices. Since we met my life has never been the same.

Wowee Zowee
Wowee Zowee By Pavement (Musical group) Music CD - 2006 CD Popular PAVEMENT All copies in use Availability details

Annotation:Start to finish, it's a masterpiece.

Key Lime Pie
Key Lime Pie By Camper van Beethoven (Musical group) Music CD - 1989 CD Popular CAMPER

Annotation:College rock. Does anyone use that genre these days? Lyrical genius, lush instrumentals, and a touch of Klezmer are only the beginning.

Pinkerton By Weezer (Musical group) Streaming Music - 1996 Streaming music Access online »

Annotation:Post Blue album, "Pinkerton" was an initial disappointment. Boy was I wrong.

Live at Hollywood High
Live at Hollywood High By Costello, Elvis Streaming Music - 2010 Streaming music Access online »

Annotation:Elvis Costello circa 1978. With his angry young man years in full swing, this show captures his energy that still propels his live performances today.

Wild Planet
Wild Planet By B-52s Streaming Music - 1980 Streaming music Access online »

Annotation:1. Hit play. 2. Dance that mess around. Wild Planet is a primer on what makes the B-52's so fabulous.

Pink Flag
Pink Flag By Wire (Musical group) Music CD - 2006 CD Popular WIRE Available in some locations

Annotation:Defining post-punk is tedious. Stop the debate and put on Wire's "Pink Flag". It's a masterpiece that still holds up.

Eels With Strings
Eels With Strings Live at Town Hall By Eels (Musical group) Music CD - 2006 CD Popular EELS Available in some locations

Annotation:Heart wrenching and compelling songs fronted by a gravelly voice backed by strings.

Seasons in the Abyss
Seasons in the Abyss By Slayer Streaming Music - 2002 Streaming music Access online »

Annotation:Slayer is an easy cliche for non-metal fans. They're all wrong. There's way more to them than 100 Marshall amps. Dive on in.

Workingman's Dead
Workingman's Dead By Grateful Dead (Musical group) Streaming Music - 1970 Streaming music Access online »

Annotation:I didn't want to like the Dead., but this album wormed it's way into my brain. Less jammy, more country fried. Watch out. It'll hook ya.

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