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Amuse Bouche
Amuse Bouche By Bidulka, Anthony Book - 2011 MYSTERY BIDULKA 2011 Available in some locations

Annotation:A gay wedding gone bad. A missing groom. An unsullied reputation at risk. Enter Russell Quant ”cute, gay, and a rookie private detective. With a nose for good wine and bad lies, Quant is off to France on his first big case.

Rust on the Razor
Rust on the Razor By Zubro, Mark Richard Book - 1996 MYSTERY ZUBRO Available in some locations

Annotation:Tom is a school teacher. His partner is a famous baseball star. Together, trouble finds them. A lot. This is a few books in, for earlier titles use Interlibrary Loan

Hot Spot
Hot Spot By Craft, Michael Book - 2002 MYSTERY CRAFT Available in some locations

Annotation:Mark Manning investigates a suspicious death that occurs at the wedding reception of his best friend, attorney Roxanne Exner and Carl Creighton, the Democratic candidate for governor of Illinois.

Bourbon Street Blues
Bourbon Street Blues By Herren, Greg Book - 2003 MYSTERY HERREN All copies in use Availability details

Annotation:From the drug-fueled dance floors of New Orleans's hottest bars, to the body-worship of its packed gyms and the slow, hungry crawl through streets where danger lurks behind every beautiful smile, "Bourbon Street blues" takes readers on a dizzying tour of gay life in the French Quarter and introduces an unlikely investigator whose ironic, lusty, tell-it-like-it-is take on things is as cool as the city he loves.

Blind Eye
Blind Eye By Wilson, John Morgan Book - 2003 MYSTERY WILSON Available in some locations

Annotation:Disgraced and stripped of his Pulitzer Prize for having invented sources, HIV-positive journalist Benjamin Justice, struggling to put his life back together, is asked for help in identifying the hit-and-run killer of a columnist, a case involving a decades-old child murder, a controversial cardinal, and elements from his own past.

The Actor's Guide to Murder
The Actor's Guide to Murder By Copp, Rick Book - 2003 MYSTERY COPP Available in some locations

Annotation:Following a trail that leads him from the posh mansions of Bel Air to one of the world's most exclusive spas in Palm Springs, a former child star's dogged pursuit hurls him into a final showdown with a twisted, cold-blooded killer.

Mahu Surfer
Mahu Surfer A Hawaiian Mystery By Plakcy, Neil S. Book - 2007 MYSTERY PLAKCY 2007 All copies in use Availability details

Annotation:Mahu is a generally negative Hawaiian term for homosexual, and for police detective Kimo Kanapa'aka, being gay doesn't make for an easy life. Especially when you're publicly outed. Now, semi-retired, Kimo must go undercover and stop a brutal killer.

Shock to the System
Shock to the System A Donald Strachey Mystery By Stevenson, Richard Book - 1996 MYSTERY STEVENSON Available in some locations

Annotation:Hired to investigate the death of Paul Haig, whom his mother believes was murdered by his lover, Larry, gay P.I. Donald Strachey learns that Larry also believes that Paul was murdered, but by a controversial psychiatrist.

Queen's Park
Queen's Park A Detective Lane Mystery By Ryan, Garry Book - 2004 MYSTERY RYAN 2004 All copies in use Availability details

Annotation:Detective Lane has a knack for discovering the whereabouts of missing persons.

Drop Dead
Drop Dead A Paul Turner Mystery By Zubro, Mark Richard Book - 1999 MYSTERY ZUBRO Available in some locations

Annotation:When male supermodel Cullom Furyk plummets to his death from the top of a major downtown hotel, gay Chicago Police Detective Paul Turner and his partner, Detective Buck Fenwick, are called to find out what actually happened.

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What's a good mystery without a great detective? These mysteries feature gay private dicks who stand out from the usual suspects.