Multcolib Research Picks: Green streets/green city

Creating Green Roadways
Creating Green Roadways Integrating Cultural, Natural, and Visual Resources Into Transportation By Sipes, James L. Book - 2013 625.70286 S6187c 2013

Annotation:Roads and parking lots in the United States cover more ground than the entire state of Georgia. The authors offer a practical strategy for designing, planning, and maintaining roads by incorporating cultural, natural, and visual resources.

Design for Water
Design for Water Rainwater Harvesting, Stormwater Catchment, and Alternate Water Reuse By Kinkade-Levario, Heather Book - 2007 628.142 K55d 2007 All copies in use Availability details Holds: 1 on 5 copies

Annotation:An accessible and clearly written guide to alternate water collection, with a focus on rainwater harvesting in the urban environment.

Green Living
Green Living Architecture and Planning By Prince's Foundation for the Built Environment Book - 2010 720.47 P9571g 2010 Available in some locations

Annotation:A thorough overview of environmentally sound building and planning practices begins with a survey of evolving strategies to step more lightly on the earth -- such as graywater recovery and green roofs -- and includes essays by experts in architecture, urban planning and sustainability.

Green Streets
Green Streets Innovative Solutions for Stormwater and Stream Crossings Book - 2002 628.212 G798 2002 Available in some locations

Annotation:The founding document for Portland's green streets, published by the Metropolitan Service District (Metro).

Seven Rules for Sustainable Communities
Seven Rules for Sustainable Communities Design Strategies for the Post-carbon World By Condon, Patrick M. Book - 2010 307 C7464s 2010 Available in some locations

Annotation:The author proposes seven simple rules for community design that could literally do a world of good.

Urban Hydrology, Hydraulics, and Stormwater Quality
Urban Hydrology, Hydraulics, and Stormwater Quality Engineering Applications and Computer Modeling By Akan, A. Osman Book - 2003 628.21 A313u 2003 Available in some locations

Annotation:A practical introduction on the challenge of controlling and managing the water resources used by and affected by cities and urbanized communities.

Annotation:Installed in 2008, the eco-roof at Central Library reduces stormwater run-off as well as the building's air conditioning load on hot summer days.

Annotation:The Bureau of Environmental Services explains green streets and highlights specific projects.


Have you ever walked by one of those extended-curb planting areas in your neighborhood and wondered what they were doing there? According to the City of Portland's Bureau of Environmental Services, these are green streets, capturing stormwater runoff and using it to filter pollutants and replenish groundwater rather than sending it straight back to the Willamette. Here are a few books to tell you a little more about them.

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