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Apr 23, 2021Sevey13 rated this title 3 out of 5 stars
It breaks my heart to rate this a three-star book. I’m happy it exists, I’m happy the author is writing, I’m intrigued by the world they built, I’m thrilled that trans youth, especially those with Latin American heritage, will see themselves in the book. But I just don’t think, as a book, it comes together and I think it is quite counterproductive and actually rather insulting to the queer community to not hold our stories to the same standard we’d hold any other book to (heaping praise on a mediocre book just because it has strong representation of traditionally marginalized communities is, to quote a war criminal, “the soft bigotry of low expectations”). Interesting characters never re-appear, the mystery, to which the characters are oblivious, is predictable to the point that by the end of the first few chapters I’d already figured out what the “big bad” was going to be, and by the halfway point I’d additionally figured out exactly whodunit, whytheydunit, howtheydunit, and what the ‘plot twists’ would be. It was all so painfully obvious that the last quarter of the book felt like a tedious exercise where I ended up sort of skimming through page after page which confirmed what I’d predicted 100 pages before was indeed coming to pass. I hope Aiden Thomas continues to write, and continues to explore their culture and their own truth to create fiction. I also hope their future books are just flat out better, because that’s what the queer community and the latino/a/e/x community deserve.