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Apr 25, 2021TeensReadItFirst2 rated this title 4 out of 5 stars
Reviewed by Jack L. Muted is a novel inspired by true events written by Tami Charles. This novel becomes more suspenseful and mysterious as the storyline progresses. Muted is written in a format one does not see everyday, written with powerful language, and the plot is engaging to the reader. Muted is written so that each page contains sections rather than paragraphs. The sentences were direct and quick for the reader to understand. The author’s sentences were descriptive, depicting an image into the reader’s mind. “The mirror reflected the whole mess of me. Satin bonnet, sliding down swollen curls, white-hot tears against crimson cheeks, a tornado of a girl dipped in deep thought. “(240) When reading this section, a miserable and lost girl can be seen in the reader’s mind. I had enjoyed how Muted built up suspense as the storyline progressed. The plot would constantly take unexpected turns, causing the reader to wonder what would happen next. This made the novel more intense and was what kept the reader engaged with the novel. I would give Muted a 4/5. I enjoyed the suspense as it was what caused me to want to continue reading, but I found that the novel had started to drag along, with similar scenarios constantly repeating. Muted was written descriptively, and the format was fun to read as it was new to me.