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Apr 26, 2021SAPL_Teens rated this title 5 out of 5 stars
A war has been raging on the land of Phyrria for over 20 years. Hidden underneath a mountain is the legendary 'Dragonets of Destiny', it's their job to bring their land to peace once again. This is the first instalment to an amazing book series, featuring the perspective of a Mudwing dragonet by the name of Clay. How will he and his friends deal with the harsh war ridden world, with a dangerous Queen, finding the truth of his family, and finding a possible new friend with a rare ability? Read and find out! Wings of Fire is a wonderous series for anyone interested in fantasy and dragons, the story can at times deal with violent themes and can be quiet scary to children of younger ages. The book itself is very easy to read and would most like be preferred for ages 13 and up. 5/5 stars - Karigan, SAPL Read It & Review Contributor . . . It's such a magical book that it completely entrance you in it's world of magic and fantasy. To the stunning details of each dragon species to the description of the realm, this book is a perfect escape to a world of friendship and betrayal, prisoners and queens, choices and fate. 5/5 stars - SAPL Teen Read It & Review Contributor