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TitleSubtitleAuthorFormatCall No.
Donut the DestroyerGraley, SarahBookjgn GRALEY 2020
Girl HavenSturges, LilahBookjgn STURGES 2021
JoAn Adaptation of Little Women (sort Of)Gros, KathleenBookjgn GROS 2020
Geeky F@b 5#3, DOGgone CATastropheLareau, LucyBookjgn LAREAU 2019
Geeky F@b 5#1, It's Not Rocket ScienceLareau, LucyBookjgn LAREAU 2018
SteamFord, DreweBookDigital Comic
SumoPham, ThienBookGN PHAM 2012
Percy GloomMalkasian, CathyeBookDigital Comic
Cosmoknights(Book One)Templer, HannahBookygn TEMPLER 2019
GastSwain, CarolBookGN SWAIN 2014
Geeky F@b 5#4, Food Fight for FionaLareau, LucyBookjgn LAREAU 2020
I, ParrotUnferth, Deb OlinBookGN UNFERTH 2017
Geeky F@b 5Volume 4, Food Fight for FionaLareau, LucyeBookDigital Comic
Ann TennaA NovelMarchetto, Marisa AcocellaBookGN MARCHETTO 2015
ShoplifterCho, MichaelBookGN CHO 2014
Getting Married and Other MistakesSlate, BarbaraBookGN SLATE 2012
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