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A Deadly EducationA NovelNovik, NaomiBookFICTION NOVIK 2020
Spinning SilverNovik, NaomiBookFICTION NOVIK 2018
UprootedNovik, NaomiBookFICTION NOVIK 2015
His Majesty's DragonNovik, NaomiBooky NOVIK
His Majesty's DragonTemeraire Series, Book 1Novik, NaomieBookOverDrive ebook
Golden Age and Other StoriesNovik, NaomiBooky NOVIK 2017
Black Powder WarNovik, NaomiBooky NOVIK 2006
Throne of JadeNovik, NaomiBooky NOVIK 2006
Throne of JadeTemeraire Series, Book 2Novik, NaomieBookOverDrive ebook
Black Powder WarTemeraire Series, Book 3Novik, NaomieBookOverDrive ebook
Victory of EaglesNovik, NaomiBooky NOVIK 2008
Empire of IvoryNovik, NaomiBooky NOVIK
League of DragonsNovik, NaomiBooky NOVIK 2016
Victory of EaglesTemeraire Series, Book 5Novik, NaomieBookOverDrive ebook
Empire of IvoryTemeraire Series, Book 4Novik, NaomieBookOverDrive ebook
League of DragonsTemeraire Series, Book 9Novik, NaomiDownloadable AudiobookOverDrive Audiobook
Will Supervillains Be on the Final?Novik, NaomieBookOverDrive ebook
Blood of TyrantsTemeraire Series, Book 8Novik, NaomieBookOverDrive ebook
Blood of TyrantsNovik, NaomiBooky NOVIK 2013
Tongues of SerpentsTemeraire Series, Book 6Novik, NaomieBookOverDrive ebook
Crucible of GoldNovik, NaomiBooky NOVIK 2012
Tongues of SerpentsNovik, NaomiBooky NOVIK 2010
In His Majesty's ServiceThree Novels of Temeraire (His Majesty's Service, Throne of Jade, and Black Powder War)Novik, NaomieBookOverDrive ebook
DragonsingerMcCaffrey, AnneBooky MCCAFFREY 2015
The Mythic DreamBookFICTION MYTHIC 2019
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