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"Boy, I don't know. I mean, if you want to be queen one day, you'll have to be bossy, controlling, full of yourself . . . oh wait." - Glory
"I meant to say that they'll definitely spot a moody violet dragon from the air." - Tsunami
"Um. Right. Here I go, la la la, Queen Oasis of the SandWings. I'm so very important and, uh - royal - and stuff." - Sunny
"But you're still better company than the pigeons. All they want to talk about is nest design and who to poop on." - Clay
"I don't think everything is exciting! But you guys don't think enough things are exciting." - Sunny
"When were we ever young enough for games?" - Glory
""All this history is so confusing," Sunny murmured to Clay, swishing her tail back and forth. "Why don't the three sides just sit down and talk out an end to the war?" "That would be great," Clay said. "Then we could stop studying it."" -…
"Oh, no. I've never seen Kestrel be mean before. That'll be so unexpected and out of character." - Tsunami
Peril: "Come on, you have to eat." Clay: "Why?" Peril: "Because if you die, I won't get to kill you." Also: Peril: "You won't do that... Kill yourself, will you?" Clay: "No..." Peril: "Oh, good. I'd much rather kill you fair and square." …
"Mmm, mud! Yummy mud!" - Clay and Glory in the MudWing territory
"DIRT! I'm standing on dirt!" - Clay
"Stop being mean to Clay, or I'll bite you again!" -Tsunami to Kestrel
"Oh no! Our mother is dead, and the treasure is gone. But worst of all, none of us killed her- so who should be queen now?"
"That's far out radical."
i like to read this book
Tsunami whirled to glare at Starflight, her gills pulsing. "Say that to my face." "I am saying it to your face," he said. "Or was I saying it to your rear end? It's easy to get the two confused."