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Do you like books with dragons, prophecies, and war? If you do this book is for you. I highly recommended it. The seven dragon tribes have been in war for years. There is a prophecy that says five dragonets will come and chose a new SandWing queen (Blister, Blaze or Burn) since the death of the sisters’ mother, Queen Oasis. The dragonets have been hidden in a cave for their whole life’s’ and are supposed to come out and save the world at the 20th year of the war. Tsunami (the SeaWing dragonet) thinks the dragonets should escape from there guardian and save the world sooner and find their family. Clay (the MudWing dragonet) is not so sure about leaving the cave and guardian. Dragons in Pyrrhia would love to get their claws on the dragonets and kill them to ruin the prophecy. Will Clay chose to follow the prophecy and wait two more long years or make this own destiny? Join this claw fighting adventure with Clay and the rest of the dragonets! This series has five more books. Keep an eye out for “The lost Heir” If you like this book you may also like “Warriors”. Tui T. Sutherland (the author of Wings of Fire) is one of the six authors of the “Warriors” series. I hope you enjoy this book!